Are you looking for an affordable way of customizing your motorcycle, one that makes it unique without costing you a fortune? Whether it is a Harley Davidson or a metric bike, it is important for you to know where to go for the best parts before you start customizing your motorcycle.

Otherwise, you could lose yourself in tricking out your ride and completely forget about how much it’s costing you, or about making sure that the parts you’re buying are actually what you need for the job.

Some of the more obvious places to look would be Cruiser Customizing or Dennis Kirk, or even J&P Cycles—these are all good points to start at. The true gems of the world of motorcycle customization, however, are not so easy to find. Here are some of the tips that I use to help me in finding the best bike parts for the best value.

Tip #1:

Google it! When you’re looking to buy good motorcycle parts at a low cost, Google is your absolute best friend. You’d be surprised at how many times I’ve been able to find cool, one-of-a-kind parts for a customization job just by Googling the brand and model number.

But there’s one catch: you have to be willing to go beyond the first page and really spend some time searching through the results. In this case, you want your search to be as broad as you can possibly make it; because of the way that Google and other search engines work, too narrow a search will work against you.

When you come across part makers that you think you might be interested in doing business with, be sure to bookmark their page. That way, you can easily go back to the cool parts that you found in your search when you become ready to make your purchase.

Tip #2:

Look in directories. I’m not just saying that because I happen to own a directory; but because of the simple fact that they do all of the work of finding websites where you can buy custom motorcycle parts, which saves you valuable time.

In my directory, for instance, I’ve listed many websites that I’ve found by reading through magazines—websites that you won’t find by searching Google or other search engines because they don’t even know the sites exist.

Tip #3:

Ask other builders. When you’re searching for one-of-a-kind parts, another good place to look is, in fact, other custom bike builders. Almost all builders make custom bike parts they would be willing to sell to you directly—parts that you would never find by attending a local rally, let alone searching the internet.

Remember to do a broad search, google the bike brand that you want parts for, and you’re certain to find other builders who have those parts.

Tip #4:

Look on Ebay. Ebay is yet another good place to look for cheap custom bike parts. I have managed to become a pretty successful buyer and seller of new and slightly used parts on this site. Often, someone will build a customized bike, only to drive it for a couple hundred miles and then change their mind about the look that they want; you could end up getting a chrome cover or an exhaust for half the retail price.

But watch out! There are a lot of sellers on Ebay that will show you a picture of a part that looks just like the expensive one on the websites, but what you end up getting is nowhere near the quality.

Tip #5:

Be Patient. Patience and the ability to delay gratification are paramount when it comes to buying the best custom motorcycle parts at low prices. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found the exact part that I was looking for after having settled for something that was just similar.

If you haven’t had much luck finding that one part that would look awesome on your bike, wait a while and then try again. You should demand perfection; this is your custom bike we’re talking about here!